Meet Petunia

Female, DOB: 3.18.18, Sold

Petunia is a lighter brown-spotted leopard Bengal. The warm colors of her coat make her easy to spot! This little beauty loves to play all day and then curl up with her siblings. She definitely thinks she is the leader of the pack!
Petunia - Bengal Kitten
Petunia - GetZen Bengals
Petunia - Bengal Kitten
Petunia - Bengal Kitten
Petunia - Bengal Kitten

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Greer (the breeder) handles the kittens on a daily basis. This is a critical step in their socialization with humans. Our pedigree kittens are sold as pets at $1,000. The price for established breeders is $2,000. If you are interested in learning about one or more of the kittens, please contact Greer via email at You can also call her at (508) 395-0393.


The breeder will arrange a private showing in which you will have an opportunity to play with the kitten(s), and she can help you determine which one might be a good fit for your home based on the kitten’s personality. There is a screening process to ensure that each kitten is placed in a suitable household, as well as a pet contract. All kittens will have received their first set of shots at the veterinarian’s office before going home with you!

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Location: Norfolk, MA