We just had a litter of 4 kittens, and they’ll be ready for a new home around June. Contact us soon if you’re interested in taking home one of these little cuties!


Welcome to GetZen Bengals

We are a small, TICA certified cattery in Norfolk, Massachusetts specializing in Bengal kittens.

About Bengals

Bengals are a confident, healthy, and friendly cat with a highly contrasted and vividly marked coat. They are an intelligent and active breed, and are known for being especially good with children, dogs, and other cats.

About Our Cattery

GetZen Bengals is a TICA registered private breeder based in Norfolk, Massachusetts. This is Linnea’s (the mommy cat’s) first litter! All of the cats live indoors. They grow up around a very loving dog, a Bichpoo named Luna, so they are comfortable around friendly dogs.

Kittens for Sale!

While most kittens are ready to go home at eight weeks, Bengals take about 12 weeks to be fully socialized. They are more emotionally in tune with their mothers than other cats, and going home at 12 weeks ensures that they have fully transitioned from nursing to wet/dry cat food and that they are litterbox trained. So the kittens will be ready for their new homes in June!

Female, DOB: 3.18.18

Status: Sold

Petunia is a lighter brown-spotted leopard Bengal. The warm colors of her coat make her easy to spot! This little beauty loves to play all day and then curl up with her siblings. She definitely thinks she is the leader of the pack!


Female, DOB: 3.18.18

Status: Sold

Poppy is a lovely charcoal Bengal with lots of glitter in her coat. She has the cutest face with big eyes and a very sweet temperament. Even though she’s the smallest of the litter, she goes marching right up to humans and loves to play!

Piper - Bengal Kitten

Male, DOB: 3.18.18

Status: Sold

Piper is the only brother of the bunch! He is a clear-coated white and silver Bengal with black rosettes. He is a bit more rough-and-tumble than his sisters. He has a fearless personality and is always looking for adventure!


Female, DOB: 3.18.18

Status: Sold

Pansy is a brown and black spotted leopard Bengal. Her markings are very distinctive, and she knows it. When this regal little one she isn’t strutting her stuff, Pansy loves to play hide-and-seek and will jump right into your lap!

Bengals are exotic, yet they possess the temperament of a loving house cat. The adult cats like water, are very curious, and some will even play fetch! Many owners have noted that they are actually more like a dog than a regular cat. They are not as independent; in other words, they prefer more human interaction. They need owners who will give them lots of attention!

Our Studs and Queens

Meet the adult cats of our little family! They all come from a line of award-winning Bengals and each has their own unique personalities!

Mommy Cat

She is a petite queen, under 7 pounds, while her father, Snowbound, was a 22-pound quadruple grand champion. She is a snow leopard, a mink point Bengal with chocolate arrowhead rosettes on a rich cream background. She is very sweet and loves being a first-time mom! A true love.


Daddy Cat

Blue is a rare Bengal, hence the name “Once in a Blue Moon,” a charcoal snow Lynx with huge blue eyes and deep rich chocolate points and rosettes on a thick cream pelt. He is a partial solid Bengal, as evidenced by his solid face mask, with a strong resemblance to the old world Thai cat from where the Asian Leopard Cat harks. He is the calmest Bengal, constantly purring and calling for more attention!


Uncle Cat

The top picture is of Pharaoh, our 14-pound king who is a silver Bengal with black pancake rosettes and tons of pewter glitter that sparkles in the light. He is a big baby, who loves to talk and get cat punches. He is an amazing jumper who can leap 8 feet to a vertical space four feet up! He is very muscular as well as lithe on his feet.

GetZen Bengal Kittens
GetZen Bengal Kittens
Blue - GetZen Bengal Cat
GetZen Bengal Cat
Piper - Bengal Kitten
Petunia - Bengal Kitten
GetZen Bengal Cats
Linnea - GetZen Bengal Cat
Pansy - Bengal Kitten
Piper - Bengal Kitten
Poppy - GetZen Bengals
Poppy - Bengal Cat
GetZen Bengal Cats
Linnea - GetZen Bengal Cat

Contact Us

Greer (the breeder) handles the kittens on a daily basis. This is a critical step in their socialization with humans. Our pedigree kittens are sold as pets at $1,000. The price for established breeders is $2,000. If you are interested in learning about one or more of the kittens, please contact Greer via email at getzenbengals@gmail.com. You can also call her at (508) 395-0393.


The breeder will arrange a private showing in which you will have an opportunity to play with the kitten(s), and she can help you determine which one might be a good fit for your home based on the kitten’s personality. There is a screening process to ensure that each kitten is placed in a suitable household, as well as a pet contract. All kittens will have received their first set of shots at the veterinarian’s office before going home with you!

Call: (508) 395-0393


E-mail: getzenbengals@gmail.com


Location: Norfolk, MA